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Phil’s Computer Solutions

In the interest of excellent service, Phil’s Computer Solutions is now dedicated to onsite business computer support primarily in Forney, Kaufman, Talty, Sunnyvale, Terrel, Seagoville, and Crandall. We also provide Remote Support services which are not location specific. If you are a business customer call 214-364-2575 and leave a message. Your call will be returned during normal business hours. If you have a technology emergency, please say so in your message and send us a text.

Our Services

Services for business customers include set up, maintenance and troubleshooting of networks, creation of file and print shares, PC RepairVirus Removal, and consulting services covering many subjects including updating hardware and Operating Systems. We are particularly skilled in migration of data from an old PC to a new one and data recovery from a broken PC. Our customers enjoy Remote Support services as well.  We are available for onsite Service Calls during regular business hours, and occasionally after hours in case of emergencies.  We can help you with all facets of Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, POS software, and other popular software products. We can even develop custom-made business software, unique to the way your business operates. We also create and maintain Web Sites and offer Web and Email Hosting.  Call us and ask. We probably do what you need.

Business Support

PC Repair for businesses normally requires an onsite service call. Businesses normally need a quick turnaround since they use their computers for making money on a daily basis. By requesting a service call, businesses can make the best use of their employee’s time by getting them back up as quick as possible. Service calls are by far the best way to accomplish this. The charges for a service call include a trip fee, based on the distance of the business from Forney, and an hourly rate. Payment for a service call is expected at the completion of the repairs, unless other arrangements have been made.

Remote Support

Remote Support can be used for software or operating system repairs, as well as general technical support and training. Distance is not a factor for remote support. The computer being repaired only needs a working broadband Internet connection. It is amazing how much can be done remotely without the computer being repaired ever being disconnected or powered down. The support software allows the screen, mouse and keyboard to be shared, so the customer can show the technician the problem, and then the tech can take over and fix it. Modern remote support software is surprisingly seamless and elegant.

If instructed, use the following link for a remote support session with me:

Remote Support

Website Development

Phil’s Computer Solutions has the ability to create WordPress-based websites for our customers. Contact us for more information.